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Defensive Handgun 1


MORNING Lecture: At the beginning of this class, you meet fellow students and the instructors in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. You might be nervous. You’ll see that other students might be nervous too. The morning lecture portion helps everyone get to know each other. Lecture topics include safety, safe gun handling, shooting fundamentals, and other basics.

NEW SHOOTER? The morning lecture session is a great time to ask questions, understand firearms concepts, and lay a solid foundation for learning.

EXPERIENCED Shooter? You can expect your fundamentals to improve and to become more efficient and consistent. From the very first time a student picks up a firearm in our class, EVERYTHING is taught from a defensive angle.

Testimonial: I have been shooting handguns for about 26 years. The DH1 class was clear and right on point and then LOTS and LOTS of range time doing all kinds of drills. I would recommend / encourage anyone (experienced or beginning) to take a firearms training class from Reliance Arms. C. Gibbs

MORNING Range Work: You will learn fundamentals on the range using both dry-fire and live-fire drills. Dry-fire means you will practice the drill with an empty gun. Live-fire will include firing the gun with actual ammunition. The drills are layered, each one building on the last, helping you to smoothly and easily build your confidence and skills.

During the morning range work, you will also learn advanced trigger control methods, and how to keep the gun running. How do you re-load the gun? We’ll cover that. What happens if the gun jams? Don’t worry – we will walk you through malfunction scenarios. We also show you a variety of ways of clearing malfunctions.

Did you know different law enforcement agencies have different methods for clearing malfunctions? The military also uses certain guidelines, tailored to their specific objectives. We will show you a variety of methods for keeping the gun running. Then, we show you and discuss which methods we feel are best for civilian shooters.

NEW SHOOTER: By lunchtime, you will feel more confident around firearms. You will have been exposed to firearms fundamentals in both a hands-on classroom environment and also with live-fire on the range. You will also know, without a doubt, that attempting to learn handgun skills from a 3-hour lecture only class is a joke.

EXPERIENCED Shooter: You add defensive tactics to your skills. Sure, you already knew how to reload your gun, but now you can perform an Administrative Load, and Emergency re-loads under pressure in a practiced, dynamic environment.


AFTERNOON RANGE WORK: You have the basics. You know and use all of the firearms safety rules. You can load and unload your gun. You can re-load your gun. You can clear malfunctions. In the afternoon, you combine all your skills in a wide variety of real world, scenario-based firearms training drills. These include distraction drills and multiple targets.

NEW SHOOTER: New shooters are often amazed at how much they learn in one day.

EXPERIENCED Shooter: The afternoon range work is challenging for all skill levels. You understand and are beginning to master the fundamentals. Also, you continue to add to your defensive skills. All aspects of the range work are taught from a defensive mindset.

FINAL DRILL: The last event in the afternoon range work is a friendly competition. This is known as the man-on-man drill and it simulates a gun fight.

Nothing is fair in a gun fight, and many factors come into play, including: Speed vs. Accuracy, the size of the bullet your gun shoots, and remembering solid shooting fundamentals. The man-on-man drill is a friendly competition and the winner receives a prize.

FINAL WRAP UP: Final review and discussion. Congratulations! Certificates are awarded.

Testimonial: As a woman who is intimidated by handguns, this course was fabulous. Ladies–this is worth every penny. You will be more confident in your own self defense after taking a Reliance Arms Firearms Training class. B. Turnipseed


  • Safe and Functional Firearm - INCLUDED IN GLOCK RENTAL PACKAGE
  • Level 1 / 150 rounds Factory New or Factory Remanufactured ammunition (no home reloads)*
  • Level 2 / 250 – 300 rounds Factory New or Factory Remanufactured ammunition (no home reloads)*
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Sturdy Belt
  • Belt Holster that fits your firearm (for example, Kydex style) - INCLUDED IN GLOCK RENTAL PACKAGE
  • 3 magazines or speed loaders - INCLUDED IN GLOCK RENTAL PACKAGE
  • Magazine pouch / carrier - INCLUDED IN GLOCK RENTAL PACKAGE
  • Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian
  • Weather appropriate clothing and gear (i.e. gloves, sunscreen, etc.)
  • No felony convictions, indictments, or recipient of a restraining order

  • *Always refer to your firearm owner’s manual for ammunition requirements and/or restrictions.

We are committed to providing professional training in a low-stress, hands-on environment. Plan to arrive by 8:45 at the Range. We will get everyone checked in and start the morning sessions.

There will be a short lunch break. Please bring your lunch items. There will be a large cooler for you to store your items in and we provide bottled water. Discussions continue during lunch. Also, feel free to update your Facebook status, LIKE us on Facebook, Tweet about the class, or other Social Media updates during the break.

Afternoon sessions round out the day. In addition to gaining confidence in handling a firearm, you will learn valuable skills and meet other great people who are dedicated to Never Give Up.

We rent Glock Pistols. The rental package is $25 and includes the use of a 9mm Glock pistol, holster, 3 magazines, magazine pouch, and speed loader. You can ADD TO CART the Glock Rental package when you sign up for training.

We carry select handgun ammunition and offer it to our students for training day. Contact us for current pricing.

Reliance Arms classes are held at the Nampa Rod & Gun Club OUTDOOR Range located at:

7990 Bennett Rd
Nampa, ID 83686

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