A Unique Training Event

At Reliance Arms, we continue to add to our class offerings and tailor new classes for our dedicated clients.

For 2015, Reliance Arms has teamed up with Forward Movement Training Center to create specialized training classes that combine live-fire range time, simulator sessions, and 360° shoot house scenarios using actual Glock pistols with UTM training rounds.

Students will begin on the range at Nampa Rod & Gun Club. After the Safety Brief, Students will shoot drills to reinforce fundamentals. Students will also go through scenario-based drills, preparing them for the afternoon at Forward Movement Training Center.

Students, along with the Reliance Arms instructors, will go to Forward Movement Training Center in Meridian. Afternoon training will cover introductory tactics for Home & Urban Defense with a Handgun.

At Forward Movement Training Center (FMTC), Students will have the opportunity to shoot two scenarios each in a state-of-the-art Shooting Simulator. These are real-world scenarios that will put all of your Verbal, Situational Awareness, and Shooting Skills to the test. These are individual sessions.

Students will also be given an opportunity to work in a 360° Shoot House, using real Glock pistols that shoot UTM rounds. The Shoot House Scenario for Level 1 will be based on how to respond in the event of a home invasion, secure your children, utilize your safe room, and contact law enforcement.

This is an outstanding opportunity for couples to begin the foundation of their home defense plan, and for people who have already developed such plans to put them to the ultimate test. Live alone? You will still have a great opportunity to develop skills that allow you to live your life with the peace of mind that confidence in your skills and self-reliance brings.

As a class, we will have a discussion on everything Students encountered during the day. This time is extremely valuable to thoroughly analyze shoot / no shoot decisions and other factors encountered in the training. You may realize you need to make some changes to your Home Defense plan.

At the end of the training, Staff from Forward Movement Training Center will spend some time describing the facility and all it has to offer the civilian shooter.

9a - 5p
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