FAQ Idaho Enhanced Conceal Carry

Yes -- all Reliance Arms handgun classes meet both the Idaho Standard CCW requirement and also meet the Firearms Instruction portion of the Idaho Enhanced CCW.

As of July 1, 2013, Idaho now offers two options for conceal carry permits. One option is referred to as the Standard CCW and the other is referred to as the Enhanced CCW.

The end difference is how many other states will recognize the permit.

On July 1, 2013, the State of Idaho mailed out reciprocity letters to all other states. CLICK HERE to see which states recognize the Idaho permits, including the states that only recognize the Enhanced Conceal Carry License. Once you are on the Idaho State Police web page, click on the gray box "License to Carry Concealed Weapon."

You must meet stricter training requirements. Each applicant will be required to turn in a State of Idaho Training Certificate of Completion. (click to see attached form)

As shown on the State of Idaho form, there are two training requirements that must be met: Firearms Instruction and Legal Instruction. To meet the Firearms Instruction portion, you must take a live-fire training class taught by an Idaho-approved Firearms Instructor, like Reliance Arms, and shoot a minimum of 98 rounds. All Reliance Arms handgun classes meet this requirement. To meet the Legal Instruction, you must take a Lecture class taught by an active Idaho attorney or Idaho Law Enforcement officer. Reliance Arms offers the Legal Lecture class approximately four times per year. The Legal Lecture portion is taught by a current Idaho Law Enforcement officer.

The Firearms portion and the Legal portion do NOT have to happen on the same day. Once you attend the Firearms Instruction training class taught by an Idaho approved instructor, the firearms instructor will sign off on that part of the form. Then, take the same form to a Lecture class, and the active Idaho attorney or Idaho law enforcement officer will sign off on the bottom half of the form. Then, take your completed Training Certificate to your local Sheriff’s Office and apply for the Enhanced CCW.

We hand out the Idaho form for your training the day of your class. Idaho will accept Firearms Training that occurred within the past year of your application. If you can't find your form, and you’ve taken one of our classes within the time frame, contact us and we will complete and email you another form.