About Reliance Arms

Welcome to Reliance Arms. We are a professional gun training company located near Boise, Idaho. We provide a wide range of gun training services. We also offer handgun sales, ammunition, and related products for men and women.

Never Give Up is a mindset critical to any battle. This is obvious if you shoot a gun. It’s also valid for other goals.

Your battle might be for a promotion at work, to write a book, or another dream. The fight could also happen in the middle of the night when a criminal invades your home and threatens your family. The ‘Never Give Up’ mindset will help you in all areas of your life. It also utilizes the best weapon you’ll ever have: your brain.

However, your brain can only work with skills you know. Our gun training focuses on teaching defensive tactics to civilians. We can show you ways to create a safe room in your house. We also teach awareness skills to improve confidence. Our classes emphasize gun training from a defensive point of view.

Classes meet Idaho gun training requirements for standard conceal carry, and for the firearms training portion of the enhanced conceal carry. Our Level 1 class includes handgun mechanics and defensive tactics. Plus, a variety of other topics. These skills can help anyone stay aware and stay safe. The Reliance Arms gun training classes are held at the outdoor facility of Nampa Rod & Gun Club. If you don’t find a class date that fits your schedule, call for additional dates and/or private lessons. Training can be scheduled weekdays and weekends.

Our instructors are Glock Certified and NRA Certified. They also have law enforcement backgrounds. Their rich and varied background in firearms includes training with Police, U.S. Special Forces, and Olympic Champions. Our instructors continue to regularly train with current military and police. We translate the tactical information into useable gun training models customized to the civilian handgun owner.

In addition, Reliance Arms hosts guest instructors for shooting enthusiasts and armed professionals, including police, military, and security details.

How are you at shooting a gun? RATE YOUR SKILLS and see where we can help you Never Give Up.

We are a licensed and insured Firearms Training company near Boise, Idaho. We’ve trained individuals who have never held a gun before, former and active military personnel updating their training resume, criminal justice students, IDPA competitors, IPSC shooters, bail bond agents, CCW holders maintaining or improving their handgun skills, hikers, campers, and many other dedicated men, women, and youth determined to never give up.

  • All levels of our Defensive Handgun classes contain firearms training that simulates real life scenarios. The firearms training is layered, each drill building on the last. A variety of training methods are used in each class.
  • Reliance Arms instructors have a rich and varied background in firearms. We have trained with Police, U.S. Special Forces, Shooting Sports Competitors, and Olympic Champions.
  • Small class sizes to ensure one-on-one time. Each class is limited to 10 students.
  • Revolvers, with 3 speed loaders, are welcome in our classes.

  • Rock Solid Safety Training
  • Absolute Understanding of Fundamentals
  • Advance Your Skill Level
  • Eliminate Fear of Handling a Gun
  • Increase Ability to React Under Stress
  • Improve Awareness
  • Training Drills based on Defensive Situations

No experience required. Youth 12 and up welcome to attend with parent. Give your loved ones the chance to learn skills to help keep them safe their entire lives.

Certified Instructors Dave and Alisa Clifford have a combined 15 years’ experience in law enforcement. After leaving law enforcement, we both continued adding to our firearms training. We are both NRA Certified and Glock Certified Firearms Instructors. Since becoming instructors, we yearly seek out Instructor Level, as well as advanced training from various instructors, all over the U.S. This type of training can be quite expensive when you factor in tuition, travel, lodging, etc. and multiply all of that times two! We take what we learn, evaluate and modify it for the civilian shooter, and present it to the community at affordable, one day classes that you can take at your pace and convenience.

We strongly believe in our Second Amendment right and support the citizen who decides to take advantage of that right. Whether you are selecting a handgun for sport or protection, you owe it to yourself and your family to get trained in the safe and proper use of being an armed citizen. Failing to train is training to fail.

Dave and Alisa met in high school and have been married for 24 years. We enjoy helping others develop their skills and often have couples, family groups, and teenagers take our classes. We want your training experience to be positive and beneficial. Our classes are designed to be friendly, fun, low-stress, and hands on. Our small class sizes (10 people max.) give us an instructor-student ratio of 1 to 5. This creates an environment where people feel comfortable very quickly.

All Reliance Arms handgun classes meet the training requirement for the Idaho Standard Conceal Carry Permit and also meet the Firearms Training portion of the Idaho Enhanced Conceal Carry Permit. CLICK HERE to learn more.